The Worst Kinds of People.

The world is full of so much shit we can’t fix. As much as we’d like to dent away at injustice, or help society finally reach the greener pastures of an equal, fairer world, there are somethings that are just out of our control. So why get overly worked up about it?

People that take offense to everything are the worst kind of people. You know the type. Those over-zealous self-declared ‘left wing’ keyboard warriors that stalk Twitter , poised and waiting to be offended by ‘something’. I’m sorry but just because you have a twitter account doesn’t make you a champion for equality or some sort of profound activist. Being pissy for the sake of being pissy doesn’t make you anymore liberal, or deep, or important.  It makes you a douche.  Congratulations, you have discovered social media and have established your online presence. Kindly reduce your hyper-sensitive status to a low simmer and stop looking for arguments.

If you do encounter someone who is telling you to be something or act a certain way, or is spouting off hateful things then by all means rip them to shreds, fuck them. Be who you are but don’t get worked up over nothing or start arguments simply because you are carting around your own insecurities. Life has enough misery, why add more? Here are some of the worst types of people:

Those gender-neutral super-vegans that slam down hard on people for eating something that casts a shadow.  Those students that only drink organic coffee that originates from some obscure mountain that you ‘probably haven’t heard of.’ The guys that went to Europe once for two weeks and suddenly are a scholar of life, obstain from washing and spew philosophical quips over you. Those west-end hipsters who believe city-centre is too mainstream.

Those self-important university graduates whose lives are so hollow they need to attach a sense of self-importance to themselves. The type of people that shoot you dirty glances at parties if you drink too much. Those girls that fire shady looks at another girl because she’s wearing something they deem ‘slutty.’  Those people that look down on you because you didn’t attend a fancy university or daddy didn’t buy your first flat. Those people who think they know struggle because they were once 8lbs overweight.

Those people that are so swooped up in feminist culture but see it as little more than as a fashion trend.  People that think masculinity is tantamount to misgyny  – when that is not always the case. Those guys/girls that won’t give you the time of day purely because they don’t deem you attractive. What’s a personality, you say? The type of people that lead you on, feed you affection and attention, sleep with you and then cut contact. People who walk extremely slowly on the pavement right in front of you.

People that spend weeks mourning the death of very distant, twice removed family member that they met once when they were two, but established such a strong emotional bond with them that their death has shattered the very foundations of their world. Those people who post massive RIP messages on Facebook, but don’t have the time to take flowers to the deceased’s grave.

People who believe idol gossip rather than form their own opinion on someone. People that are unreliable narrators. People that take immense pleasure in sharing your downfalls or shortcomings purely to make themselves look better. People that have forgotten how hard it was for them during dark periods, so afford you no sympathy or time. People that talk to you when you’re eating. People that don’t wash their hands properly. People you hate getting what you want, then being smug about it. People in general.

People that listen to Catfish and the Bottlemen and thus think they hold infinite wisdom about all matters music. People that think being gay is a choice (like anyone would choose to be mocked and ridiculed on a daily basis.) People that, when you’re wearing shorts on a wet day, ask ‘do you know it’s raining?’ As if you’re utterly oblivious to the biblical flood happening outside. People that make an obscene amount of noise when they are eating so you can’t focus on anything but their incessant chewing. People that don’t speak GSL (Gay as a Second Language.) Anyone that tries to share or touch my food.


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