Protect Trans Kids

Donald Trump; an orange beach ball of prejudice and despair; inflated by nothing but hate and a mindset only acceptable forty years ago and in parts of the South you should never visit. A 300lbs bag of manure stuffed into a 260lbs meat-suit. Also the POTUS.

The theme of the Trump Administration: HATE.

Obama implemented so many LGBT friendly policies that saw us protected in a way we never were before. Trump has since came along and held all this beautiful social progression at gun point; threatening to wipe them from existent, his podgy sweaty tango-tainted finger is itchy on the trigger. The Trump Administration has just rolled back the wheels of equality again. No, not rolled back, it’s careened it into a brick wall. The administration has just announced that it will be revoking the policy that Obama put in place to help protect transgender students in high schools. Basically, in May, Obama’s policy allowed a student to identify his/her gender, rather than the sex assigned to them at birth. It allowed trans individuals to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity; it offered them reassurances and a sense of safety. Although it was just the beginning of the journey, it was a milestone none-the-less. Now Trump is removing that policy. Awesome, let’s bring down the power of the government on a bunch of children who are already ostracised and ridiculed by their peers and family. Absolute maggots.

I feel like this serves as a very sobering reminder for liberals (decent people) that there is a sociopathic-backward-thinking-misogynist in a position of frightening power. I am not a fan of republicans. I mean, I believe in the freedom of speech, but the majority of them are just terrible fucking people so I struggle to see why I should entertain them, their views, or give their bigotry any kind a platform or offer them the dignity of a debate. Each one of their public faces (by this I mean republicans that have became a household name) do nothing but spit hate from their venomous tongues.

Let’s take Tomi Lahern for example. Appearance wise she is beautiful. I mean, she’s capital W ‘white’ but she is a gorgeous looking young woman – one who many teens would probably relate to. Petite, blonde, 24; all characterises that, in tandem, are considered very desirable in a woman. Yes, psychically she’s youthful and has a drawing presence, and she is undoubtedly educated; however that does not make her smart. These traits seem to be incongruent with who she actually is: a terrible fucking person. She’s a shining example of a privileged white girl, who’s money was used to better educate her – but sadly wasn’t used to culture her. I once retweeted her; she made some very good points of what feminism is and what it should be, and I thought ‘Damn, this girl has a voice and she knows how to use it!’ Then of course I delved deeper into the murky shit-filled waters of her Twitter account and soon came to the conclusion that she an abjectly horrible person.

The majority of Republicans aren’t misunderstood or old fashion, or so ‘conservative’ that they can be slightly problematic. No. they are terrible people. They say abhorrent and hateful things and then leverage this abhorrence and festering hate to give themselves a platform from which they can infect others and, of course, make money. I am so tired of having to entertain bigots that are wilfully hateful and alarmingly ignorant. They don’t see themselves as bad people, but then again neither did Hitler, so that doesn’t merit very much worth in my opinion. And now we have a giant orange cesspool of intolerance sitting on the throne, the biggest platform in the free-world, warbling hateful policy after hateful policy. All Trump has done since coming into power is unpick the seams of equality the Obama Administration so beautify stitched together. Trump’s agenda exists only to serve his own ego and beliefs. It’s not even something he tries to conceal either; that dog whistle has well and truly been blown. Trump misses the days of colour-coded terror; he is the quintessential schoolyard bully. Someone that thrives on power and preys on the poor. A tactic employed by one type of person only: a coward.

I am so sick of living in world where every time I feel progression is being made for the LGBT community someone comes along and closes the road. I am so sick us being hated simply for being ourselves. It is soul destroying. I hate when people say ‘Oh, it’s in America it doesn’t impact your life.’ IT IS PART OF THE WESTERN WORLD. It’s part of a world I live in, so do not tell me that laws and policies passed in the USA will not have a domino effect. We are being catapulted into such a hateful, selfish world by people like Trump. Republican’s need to realise that not everyone has the same needs as them; they aren’t making American ‘great again’ they are making everyone hate America. I am so disgusted with the zero tolerance and zero empathy approach that’s being taken. Not only in the US, but all over the world. Selfishness, greed, racism, homophobia… these seem to be the foundations on which this new world is being built.

Who is next to have their rights threatened? Civil Rights should not be left up to the State to decide; they should be a constitutional guarantee, not something that is left up to personal preference.  Revoking the policy that protected trans children in schools was done for one reason and one only. Pure discrimination. That’s exactly what it is. Why else would they do it? They impinge their personal prejudices directly into policies, policies that should not be an issue. I hope to God that I am proven wrong; I hope that the Trump Administration won’t smash 8-years of hard work into oblivion purely because it doesn’t mirror the current government’s belief. I hope they make a positive difference. I also one day hope I wake up with superpowers.

Trump Administration: Perhaps it’s time they realised they are in 2017 and started doing some real work.


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