Nice rights you got there…

During his speech at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump made a rare overture to the LGBTQ community. ‘As president, I will do everything in my power to protect LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology,’ Trump said to a room which soon filled with applause.  Then he went off script: “And, I have to say, as a Republican, it is nice to hear you cheering for what I just said.” Hearing Trump ‘defend’ the LGBT community caused a feeling in my stomach that is synonymous with the one I get when my bank card gets declined at a busy checkout. The whole thing was so eerily scripted that it plants a seed of fear that this man is borderline sociopathic and bankrupt – morally that is. This time, anyway.

On Wednesday morning Trump Tweeted (that says it all, doesn’t it?) that transgender American’s would no longer be able to serve in US Military ‘in any capacity,’ citing tremendous medical costs and disruption to other troops as some of his reasons. $8.4 million a year. That’s how much Trump said it would cost to treat transgender troops. That’s a lot, right? Well, remember Trump’s recent golf holiday? That $8.4 is roughly the equivalent to the cost of two POTUS trips to Mar-a-Lago. It’s also 1/5th of what the government spend on Viagra a year. It frightens me how little collective logic is currently occupying the White House. They’ll throw cash at Viagra supplies, but they won’t use tax payer dollars for that ‘kind’ of surgery says Trump (gender reassignment.) To be fair, Republicans weren’t overly fussed about the whole Viagra thing. They just figured that since Obamacare was ‘rammed’ down everyone’s throats, they may as well be fair to both sexes – birth control for woman, boner pills for guys. Realistically, that makes no sense but it’s good for women:  Hey, America, remember when your health care plans covered Viagra but not birth control and pregnancy became a ‘pre-existing condition’? Remember?

The arguments for the trans-ban say that the military should not be viewed as a social experiment. The military are the first line of defence against those who would seek to harm the nation, there can’t be distractions. Leave the social re-engineering of our culture to the sociologists and keep it out of the military. This is very like the excuse they used to keep African-Americans and women out of the military – in combat, at least. The military is a social experiment, to a degree anyway. It has to reflect the populace that makes up its soldiers. Why can’t transgender people fight for their country in needless wars like everyone else? It’s as though they’re treating transgenderism as a handicap: ‘You are exempt from serving in the forces and certain high-contact sports.’   The military isn’t a social experiment? Ugh, please. You throw two poor kids from different racial backgrounds from different neighbours into the same squadron and you don’t think that’s a social experiment? Who writes this stuff? The American self-fellator society?

News that trans men and woman have had their right to fight for their country snatched away from them is sickening; sickening, but sadly, not unexpected. Everything Don the Con said during his campaign was just a ploy to get votes. He doesn’t care about the LGBTQ community; just because someone says the right things, and dawns a Pride flag in a photograph or two, doesn’t mean he supports us – I’d be surprised if he doesn’t view us as second-class citizens. After the election chants of ‘People are sick of the bleeding-heart liberals’ rose up from the darker, Tomi Lahren infested corners of Twitter. If people were so sick of liberals why did Clinton win the popular vote by 3 million?

Historically Republicans have always been on the wrong side of history. It doesn’t matter what the issue was, they are always on the negative side. They are an inherently miserable bunch of people whose emotional equilibrium is way off. Which is probably the reason for every archaic law they try to pass, for their priorities being askew; it’s the catalyst behind every hateful opinion they express and every blind eye they turn to LGBTQ Americans. And the worst part is this is only the start, it will get worse. Because in reality, at the end of the day, Trump is a feckless thug hurting people’s lives to distract from the controversies strangling his administration.




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