‘Straight Pride’

This week we have been presented with the ridiculous notion of ‘Straight Pride.’ A concept conjured up by a hoard of bigoted idiots who can’t overcome the limitations of their tiny monkey brains. Yup. Just when you thought those hetties couldn’t belittle us any further, the carousel of homophobic misery spins again. Only now a group has pounced on and proposed a rally to ‘celebrate’ (protest our existence) all the hardships straight people endure – during our Pride month, nonetheless. Oh, and they have since revealed ties to the far right – shocker, I know.

I know what you’re thinking. Why are we (the LGBTQ+ community), Deities of fashion, culture and the art of telling it how it is, being tormented by Neo-Nazis with bad haircuts and ugly shoes? Because some people can’t grasp the concept of social progression and are determined to live an enormous life of ignorance. That’s why.

And you know what? I am pressed. Here’s why ‘Straight Pride’ is so offensive.

First of all, those people don’t care about June being pride month; they believe being queer is wrong and it just so happens to be June.

Also, how many straight people know why it’s Pride month? Or know about Stonewall? How many could list the number of countries where same-sex relations are still met with the full force of the law? It’s 70 by the way; in 70 countries it’s considered a criminal act.

Straight, cis men and women are taught from a young age about their feelings and how natural they are. They’re even encouraged to pursue them. While LGBTQ youth are left to piece together their own identity using scraps of information society and education deems fit to give us.

The vast majority of straight people don’t have the emotional information to comprehend what it is to be queer. They don’t know the fear that accompanies kissing our partners in the street; the potential repercussions of holding hands in public. Doing something as simple as hugging risks a delivery of physical and verbal abuse. They can have, and adopt, children; but when same-sex couples try to do the same they’re met with roadblocks and judgement.

I’m sorry, so why exactly are they wanting to march? Because they’re afforded basic human rights and experiences? While we fight daily to keep the few we’ve battled for? If that’s your mindset then you should seriously consider doing the human race a favour by getting sterilised. No, I’m not being facetious. The world doesn’t need anymore exposure to your DNA.

Yet despite all the evidence there isn’t a need for one, they still want a straight pride. Furthermore, some people are under the delusion that being queer isn’t an issue anymore, as though we should just get over it. When the grim reality is nothing could be further from the truth.

You can’t tell me being LGBTQ+ isn’t a ‘issue’ anymore when there are countries in the world where we are put to death for simply existing. When Trans men and women are banned from serving in the military. Hell, we still live in a world where people can’t even get gender pro-nouns correct.

There are still protesters outside schools across the country whose sole purpose is to “protect” children from LGBT-inclusive content; to stop them from finding out that we exist. As if we’re the worst specimen ever. BTW The irony of that last one isn’t lost on me, considering the culprits of the homophobic attack on lesbian couple Melania and Chris were aged between 15-18.

Society has a benevolent neglect towards the LGBTQ+ community. They see us as equal on paper, or think being queer is a non-issue because some soaps now have gay characters on them; but that doesn’t miraculously change the fact that we are not seen – or treated – as equals. People may not want to highlight the dangers and hate we still face by being queer, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

As ‘Straight Pride’ is proving there are still people in this world who want to strip us not only of our rights, but also our dignity. Now we have to sift through another homophobic trash heap during the month that is ours to celebrate all that we’ve fought for and accomplished over the years. That’s why I’m so offended by the whole farce that is Straight Pride.

If you’re one of those people that would be ‘all in’ for a straight pride march, or believe that our Pride marches are no longer a necessity, then I implore you to educate yourselves.

3 thoughts on “‘Straight Pride’

  1. My current take on American Culture is that people need to be reminded of a lesson we were all taught growing up: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
    Probably, we could expand “say” to include “do” and remind people that they *are* entitled their opinions and – to your point about knowing about Stonewall, etc – *expected* to have informed opinions…otherwise, I’m perfectly fine with don’t say anything at all.

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