Sliding Headfirst Into 2017 After a Bad Month.

I’ve learned that eyebrow maintenance is akin to godliness. Groom your fucking eyebrows, but don’t fight the shape too much. At the start of the year I only had one eyebrow, but now I take great pride in photographing these twins.

Learning to Love Myself.

Whenever anything nice happens to me I always expect something appalling to happen immediately afterwards. This is the same for my mood. If I am in a good mood, a confident mood, or whatever, then I am simply waiting on that changing to something gloomier. One of the triggers for this sudden bitch-storm downpour is … Continue reading Learning to Love Myself.

Do I Want a Dog or a Boyfriend?

Reality: I am deeply dog-less and I am saddened by this fact for many reasons. Pets provide you with a certain comfort in times of need. If you have a dog then passers-by credit you with a certain amount of intellectual merit (when in truth I am little more than a lonely, barking lunatic.)  They are … Continue reading Do I Want a Dog or a Boyfriend?

Millennials’ Guide to Not Behaving Like an Utter Ass-hat  

I don’t think anything annoys me more than someone who attempts to justify their, or someone else’s, morally floozy behaviour with the excuse ‘Oh, they are having a really hard time.' It makes me want to shout at the World’s occupants because quite frankly I am over indulging the dumb-ass stupidly selfish sewer rodents that … Continue reading Millennials’ Guide to Not Behaving Like an Utter Ass-hat  

My Struggle with Addiction (Go Sober.)

Addiction is something I’ve wrestled with from as far back as I can remember. There's been periods where I've felt as though I would never recover. Times that I was completely and utterly at the mercy of someone, or something, else. Throughout my life I’ve felt powerless to a situation, I’ve felt powerless to a … Continue reading My Struggle with Addiction (Go Sober.)