There's a horrid stigma attached the phrase 'mental health problems.' Undeniably the attitude towards it has drastically changed for the better over the last decade; people are more aware of it now and see that it is a real health issue - you could go as far as to say it's a disability. But there … Continue reading Think

Feeling: Human

Self-awareness is a truly remarkable and useful trait. Knowing the reasons behind what you’re doing provides much clarity. It helps you make the right choices and protect yourself, and perhaps others. Sadly, not a lot of people are self-aware and when you tell them the truth they don’t like it. Many people find naked, unvarnished … Continue reading Feeling: Human

Oh, you’re offended?

Social progression is something we should all welcome with open arms. It marches our society forward and gives voices and equality to groups that previously were shunned, thought as second class citizens and quite often worse: They were victims to violence. Many bills later and the years of protests are beginning to have a domino … Continue reading Oh, you’re offended?

Relationship status: Considering getting in the van.

Whenever I'm trolling Twitter or Facebook every time I see that someone has gotten into a relationship I break out in a cold sweat. If I witness doting quips exchanged between lovers or cute photos of couples I start having palpitations and quickly check my ass for an the expiration date. I'm "used to get kicked … Continue reading Relationship status: Considering getting in the van.


How can we grow from a blissful 12 year old, infused with innocence, to an overweight, wheezing man; slouched like a beached whale in a chair?  This is my current thinking. I keep dwelling on past flames, former mistakes, my looks over the years. How can I have messed up so badly with the first boy … Continue reading Confession.