Not on the Priority List.

So, first up I should start with some honesty, cause that’s what everyone covets, right? Honesty. Everyone wants it, few people get it, and when we’re given it more often than not it’s about as welcome as testing positive for gonorrhoea then being punched in the face. But what I’m going to be honest about … Continue reading Not on the Priority List.

My First Drag Show

An essay on battling internalised homophobia, and the road to self-acceptance. My friends will gladly share embarrassing stories about me. Most of these are innocuous enough; entry level humiliations that are ultimately harmless. They’ll rehash fables of drunk me stumbling around like a mummy with outstretched arms trying to hug a disinterested boy to death; … Continue reading My First Drag Show

Falling for a Friend

Falling for a friend is a familiar heartache that so many of us have shared. Every moment in each other’s company can be thick with confusion; you don’t know if you’ll feel one thing, or another. It can cause tension that is neither sexy or sustainable and break your heart with such finality you’re uncertain … Continue reading Falling for a Friend


The first time I ever heard the term ‘eating disorder’ I was around the age of 11. I’d dived into one of my mother’s magazines and in the middle of it was an article accompanied by upsetting images of emaciated girls with folded hands and hollow-looking eyes.                      I didn’t know what anorexia or bulimia … Continue reading Skinny-ish

First Love – & Why Dating is Harder if You’re Gay.

On September 13th, 2010, I got an alert from Facebook telling me that someone had messaged me. At the time I didn’t own a fancy iPhone, so all I received was a frantic beeping sound and a text that told me I had a mail. It was from my ‘ex-boyfriend’. I use that term loosely … Continue reading First Love – & Why Dating is Harder if You’re Gay.

Learning to Love Myself.

Whenever anything nice happens to me I always expect something appalling to happen immediately afterwards. This is the same for my mood. If I am in a good mood, a confident mood, or whatever, then I am simply waiting on that changing to something gloomier. One of the triggers for this sudden bitch-storm downpour is … Continue reading Learning to Love Myself.