My First Drag Show

An essay on battling internalised homophobia, and the road to self-acceptance. My friends will gladly share embarrassing stories about me. Most of these are innocuous enough; entry level humiliations that are ultimately harmless. They’ll rehash fables of drunk me stumbling around like a mummy with outstretched arms trying to hug a disinterested boy to death; … Continue reading My First Drag Show

Falling for a Friend

Falling for a friend is a familiar heartache that so many of us have shared. Every moment in each other’s company can be thick with confusion; you don’t know if you’ll feel one thing, or another. It can cause tension that is neither sexy or sustainable and break your heart with such finality you’re uncertain … Continue reading Falling for a Friend

My Struggle with Addiction (Go Sober.)

Addiction is something I’ve wrestled with from as far back as I can remember. There's been periods where I've felt as though I would never recover. Times that I was completely and utterly at the mercy of someone, or something, else. Throughout my life I’ve felt powerless to a situation, I’ve felt powerless to a … Continue reading My Struggle with Addiction (Go Sober.)

Running Up That Hill – World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, but not many people know that. Partly because it isn’t really considered a suitable topic for casual conversation, as opposed to say a broken arm, and partly because a lot of people operate under the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ way of thinking. It’s a taboo subject, it's a hard subject … Continue reading Running Up That Hill – World Suicide Prevention Day

Why I’m now seeking intimacy over casual sex.

(I am completely aware that this title probably makes me sound like a middle aged woman.) There’s something weirdly pleasurable about seeing a past fling in the street. It’s like waiting on that second sneeze that never comes. It happened today and I couldn’t help but think ‘I wonder if he still wants to fuck?’ … Continue reading Why I’m now seeking intimacy over casual sex.