Falling for a Friend

Falling for a friend is a familiar heartache that so many of us have shared. Every moment in each other’s company can be thick with confusion; you don’t know if you’ll feel one thing, or another. It can cause tension that is neither sexy or sustainable and break your heart with such finality you’re uncertain … Continue reading Falling for a Friend

Do I Want a Dog or a Boyfriend?

Reality: I am deeply dog-less and I am saddened by this fact for many reasons. Pets provide you with a certain comfort in times of need. If you have a dog then passers-by credit you with a certain amount of intellectual merit (when in truth I am little more than a lonely, barking lunatic.)  They are … Continue reading Do I Want a Dog or a Boyfriend?

Confessions from the ‘bit on the side.’

When you’re telling someone about your partner cheating on you, they immediately demonise both your partner and the person they cheated on you with. The 'bit on the side', the side chick - or side dick - whatever you want to call them, automatically become the villain in that scenario. ‘They should know better’ tends … Continue reading Confessions from the ‘bit on the side.’

Why I’m now seeking intimacy over casual sex.

(I am completely aware that this title probably makes me sound like a middle aged woman.) There’s something weirdly pleasurable about seeing a past fling in the street. It’s like waiting on that second sneeze that never comes. It happened today and I couldn’t help but think ‘I wonder if he still wants to fuck?’ … Continue reading Why I’m now seeking intimacy over casual sex.

The Worst Kinds of People.

The world is full of so much shit we can’t fix. As much as we’d like to dent away at injustice, or help society finally reach the greener pastures of an equal, fairer world, there are somethings that are just out of our control. So why get overly worked up about it? People that take … Continue reading The Worst Kinds of People.