What I’ve learned from love, sex & rejection.

*I've learned that just because he isn’t your guy, doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. This is something I have to remind myself. A lot. When I’m hurt by someone I quite often amplify their negative qualities, affording me a sense of comfort after the realisation of its ‘not going to work out’ sets in. … Continue reading What I’ve learned from love, sex & rejection.

Hangovers & Heartbreak.

I feel that heartache serves a very potent and intense reminder that you’re still alive – and then subsequently makes you wish you weren’t. This is the first time I’ve felt anything close to a serious romantic connection with someone. I’m not meaning the ‘I’m kind of into you’ way, but more the variety of … Continue reading Hangovers & Heartbreak.


Because on Mondays you have a completely different voice in your head. Should I bump into a reflective surface I shall most certainly have a minor mirror meltdown: My skin is so oily America threatens to invade; my hair hangs there like a redish ironed curtain. My eyebrows underline my forehead, like hairy caterpillars, major issue because weak eyebrows = weak presentation. All the while I try and crack a glossy half-smile but wind up looking constipated.

LGBTea #Remain

  We can’t deny it, the European Union is riddled with flaws and by no means perfect – but in today’s world, what is? It’s run by men (and woman, don’t kick off) so imperfection is unavoidable. However, despite these imperfections, my personal opinion is that we have to remain in the EU. And one of … Continue reading LGBTea #Remain


There's a horrid stigma attached the phrase 'mental health problems.' Undeniably the attitude towards it has drastically changed for the better over the last decade; people are more aware of it now and see that it is a real health issue - you could go as far as to say it's a disability. But there … Continue reading Think

First thought, best thought.

Happiness is something we are all searching for. We look for it in a variety of places, desperate to cling on to even one ounce of it. Some people find it in a home they've built; some find it from the love of another. Some look for it through career progression and others through creativity. Yes, we are … Continue reading First thought, best thought.

Oh, you’re offended?

Social progression is something we should all welcome with open arms. It marches our society forward and gives voices and equality to groups that previously were shunned, thought as second class citizens and quite often worse: They were victims to violence. Many bills later and the years of protests are beginning to have a domino … Continue reading Oh, you’re offended?