The 80’s Screwed Us Over

I am very lost right now. I’m not even at a crossroads, where at least I’d have a 25% change of going the right way. No. I am stranded in the middle of Sahara armed with nothing but punctured dreams and  a half-empty water bottle. Got to love that ole cliché. You know, the one … Continue reading The 80’s Screwed Us Over

Do I Want a Dog or a Boyfriend?

Reality: I am deeply dog-less and I am saddened by this fact for many reasons. Pets provide you with a certain comfort in times of need. If you have a dog then passers-by credit you with a certain amount of intellectual merit (when in truth I am little more than a lonely, barking lunatic.)  They are … Continue reading Do I Want a Dog or a Boyfriend?

Confessions from the ‘bit on the side.’

When you’re telling someone about your partner cheating on you, they immediately demonise both your partner and the person they cheated on you with. The 'bit on the side', the side chick - or side dick - whatever you want to call them, automatically become the villain in that scenario. ‘They should know better’ tends … Continue reading Confessions from the ‘bit on the side.’

Running Up That Hill – World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, but not many people know that. Partly because it isn’t really considered a suitable topic for casual conversation, as opposed to say a broken arm, and partly because a lot of people operate under the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ way of thinking. It’s a taboo subject, it's a hard subject … Continue reading Running Up That Hill – World Suicide Prevention Day

People You Don’t Want In Your Life.

I’m not saying people that takes ages to respond to a text should make a mass exodus from my life, no. I’m referring to those people that suspiciously never answers my texts, yet when I am with them they’re always on their phone. Those folks that are there when and if it suits them. Those irksome little social-sewer-rats that only grace you with their presence when they need someone, or are completely bored.

How to Build a Romantic.

I struggle to recall a time when I didn’t embody the spirit of sexual despair. A period where my love-life was elegant, beautiful and simple; rather than the detonated circus it currently resembles. I’ve always cultivated a perhaps overly-ambitious idea of what romance should be like in my head, and as such I’ve always been … Continue reading How to Build a Romantic.