Falling for a Friend

Falling for a friend is a familiar heartache that so many of us have shared. Every moment in each other’s company can be thick with confusion; you don’t know if you’ll feel one thing, or another. It can cause tension that is neither sexy or sustainable and break your heart with such finality you’re uncertain … Continue reading Falling for a Friend

Common Ground – Being happy for your ex.

It’s easy to forget someone’s magic when they’re no longer in your life. Their faults, mistakes and indiscretions become a narrative louder than "Remember how happy he once made you." Those times they made you feel amazing are now foggy and time-worn; the passionate sex is a dimly lit, bland memory.  Yes, it’s easier to … Continue reading Common Ground – Being happy for your ex.

Un-Valentine’s Day

Later this week, millions of people across the country will come together to celebrate the crippling, ball-booting farce known as Valentine’s Day. They’ll express their love by sending flowers, booking overpriced restaurants and splattering stomach churning posts all over your social media feeds. Those bastards. Valentine’s Day, the only national occasion dedicated to mental illness. … Continue reading Un-Valentine’s Day

Bitch, Please – Are You Brutally Honest, or Straight-Up Nasty?

Disappointingly for all concerned this is not a crash course on how to be a bitch. For one, if you need to follow a step-by-step guide then you’re unfortunately not emotionally equipped to gracefully manoeuvre the ‘bitch’ lifestyle (and thus are probably a good person.) Secondly, if you are that kind of dingbat that opened … Continue reading Bitch, Please – Are You Brutally Honest, or Straight-Up Nasty?