Fake – Expressing How I Feel Vocally & Why It’s So Hard.

Telling someone how I’m feeling, really feeling, is equal parts simple and impossible for me. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I have always been this way, which is a trait that hasn’t always served me well. It isn’t hard to decipher my mood; people can always tell when somethings up. I wear my … Continue reading Fake – Expressing How I Feel Vocally & Why It’s So Hard.

People You Don’t Want In Your Life.

I’m not saying people that takes ages to respond to a text should make a mass exodus from my life, no. I’m referring to those people that suspiciously never answers my texts, yet when I am with them they’re always on their phone. Those folks that are there when and if it suits them. Those irksome little social-sewer-rats that only grace you with their presence when they need someone, or are completely bored.

Fat, fem, Caucasian.

I wish people looked like their personalities, it would make finding someone so much easier, wouldn't it? Think of the time I’d save if I didn't have to sieve through galleries of fuck boys and stuck-up scene queens to find someone attractive who doesn't have the personality of a parsnip. It’s easy for me to say … Continue reading Fat, fem, Caucasian.