The first time I ever heard the term ‘eating disorder’ I was around the age of 11. I’d dived into one of my mother’s magazines and in the middle of it was an article accompanied by upsetting images of emaciated girls with folded hands and hollow-looking eyes.                      I didn’t know what anorexia or bulimia … Continue reading Skinny-ish

Common Ground – Being happy for your ex.

It’s easy to forget someone’s magic when they’re no longer in your life. Their faults, mistakes and indiscretions become a narrative louder than "Remember how happy he once made you." Those times they made you feel amazing are now foggy and time-worn; the passionate sex is a dimly lit, bland memory.  Yes, it’s easier to … Continue reading Common Ground – Being happy for your ex.

Un-Valentine’s Day

Later this week, millions of people across the country will come together to celebrate the crippling, ball-booting farce known as Valentine’s Day. They’ll express their love by sending flowers, booking overpriced restaurants and splattering stomach churning posts all over your social media feeds. Those bastards. Valentine’s Day, the only national occasion dedicated to mental illness. … Continue reading Un-Valentine’s Day

HTRE – Part 1: The Collapse of Mental Stability Never Felt so Funny.

You know when you’re walking along, enjoying the sun, and you see a little bee buzz by before it delicately lands on a flourishing flower and you think, ‘yeah, little buddy. That’s exactly where you’re meant to be!’ Well, that’s how God feels when He sees me crying in the bathroom of Taco La Bamba. … Continue reading HTRE – Part 1: The Collapse of Mental Stability Never Felt so Funny.